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Supportive, empowering, aimed at building the family you want

Learn how to respond to your child in new ways that promote change, but don't generate conflict.

NVR therapy has risen out of the need to do away with reward and consequences modes of parenting that don't seem to work for so many children and teens.

Over the course of this innovative, scientifically proven therapy you'll learn to:

  • De-escalate difficult situations

  • Address challenging behaviours in a way that fosters positive change

  • Improve your relationship with your child

Sessions can address unhelpful behaviours stemming from any of the following:

  • anxiety

  • eating disorders

  • ADHD

  • ASD

  • ODD

  • device over use and/or internet addiction

  • drug use or at-risk behaviour.

Interventions are generally 6-8 sessions long, tailored to your family and your goals, and will look at how to improve your situation long term. As this is a parent-based intervention, your child does not attend with you.

Book directly online, or call or email for further information.
0493 460 333

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